Vision/ Mission

Gray Matters Group wants to be a game changer for the services sector, impacting not just one person at a time, but the masses of billable professionals through innovative training programming. Our reason for being is to develop top-performing billable professionals, consultants, service providers and delivery teams that excel in a fluid, fast-paced business environment. Our goal is to help clients create significant, measurable, and sustainable growth.


After years of work with an extensive array of services organizations including IBM, Deloitte, KPMG, United Health Care, CDW and numerous other firms of varying size, David Ryan – creator of Relationship Xpansion™ for Professionals learning experience became acutely aware of the common challenges these organizations faced in an increasingly commoditized market.

  • Scalable revenue growth
  • Maintaining client loyalty
  • Differentiation from competition
  • Lack of fresh lead generation approaches

Gray Matters was launched in 2002 to address this very issue, to help services firms accelerate the build out and performance of their revenue generating capabilities…

                                                 by activating service professionals to contribute to lead generation!

At first, the firm focused on consulting.  However, the emphasis of the business changed in 2004.  One of Gray Matters’ major consulting clients asked for help designing and delivering  training to a select group of professionals.  The client need was NOT for sales training to its dedicated business developers or service delivery rainmakers.  Instead, the client was requesting “relationship training” for its rank and file consulting/billable staff. That was the day “Relationship Xpansion (Rx) for Professionals” was born…and David Ryan became the “Accidental Trainer”.

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