Relationship Xpansion™ (Rx) for Professionals Learning Experience

Relationship Xpansion™ (Rx) for Professionals, is a comprehensive skill building and follow through experience developed exclusively for professional services organizations and firms with a heavy client/customer service dimension.

Rx helps “activate” consultants, subject matter experts, and billable professionals to enhance current client/prospect relationships AND help identify needs and opportunities for revenue generation.

The Rx Experience targets the majority of billable and/or service delivery staff, providing pragmatic skills, tools, and behaviors that can be immediately applied in the field.

The Rx Experience is extremely interactive, minimizes lecturing and emphasizes facilitation and live exercises. The program engages students and helps breakdown their anxiety around relationship building. In the end, they discover they are not only capable of doing this work, but are doing some of this work already!

The workshop leverages the “Story Centered” learning methodology developed by renowned cognitive learning expert Roger Schank. It integrates a “scenario”, case study or client situation into the learning experience. Students are immersed in the scenario, with elements of the scenario exposed at various points throughout the program. The evolving circumstances trigger the next area of learning, and provide context for how and where to apply the skills.

                     NOTE: Scenarios are CUSTOMIZED for each client, making the situation as real as possible for students.


Relationship Xpansion™ (Rx) Course Curricula

Since 2004, Gray Matters has developed a robust inventory of concepts and learnings all tailored to the needs of consultants, subject matter experts, and billable professionals. Our programming is divided into two major curricula, with one building upon the other.

  • Rx for Professionals – Fundamentals
  • Rx for Professionals – Trusted Advisor



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