Flexible Delivery Options

Gray Matters offers flexible training delivery approaches, all with the goal of minimizing the impact on billable hours.

  • Live Classroom
  • Live Virtual Classroom
  • On Demand eLearning Modules

Learning experiences can be tailored to meet client needs by combining any of the delivery options to create a hybrid delivery experience.

Delivered live, in person, and onsite at our clients’ locations, the Live Classroom offering represents the original delivery format for the Rx learning program. This experience is highly interactive and includes:

  • Pre-Work
  • Self-Assessments
  • Facilitated Discussions
  • PowerPoint Visuals
  • Individual Exercises
  • Team Breakouts
  • Role Plays
  • Group Debriefs
  • Comprehensive Course Materials/Tools/Templates

Gray Matters Group recognizes the importance of creating sustainable behavior change and the retention of key Rx learnings; therefore every live training class includes 90 days of FREE Rx Aftercare programming.

The challenges of pulling billable professionals from project work for extended time and/or the expense associated with travel & accommodations to a single training location are very real. The Live Virtual Classroom offering of Rx for Professionals addresses both of these issues!

We have taken what happens in a live classroom and replicated it into a LIVE WEBINAR training experience using Adobe Connect as our virtual classroom learning platform.  The live virtual classroom is highly interactive, enabling students to login to the meeting room, download course materials/tools/templates, stream video of teachers and students, and share insights with facilitators and fellow students using VOIP audio.

The Virtual Classroom also includes all of the Live Classroom experiences; pre-work, self-assessments, facilitated discussions, individual exercises, team breakouts, role plays, and group debriefs.

Once again, Gray Matters Group includes 90 days of FREE Rx Aftercare programming to support sustainable behavior change and Rx learnings retention.

Gray Matters Group has converted nearly all of its Rx for Professionals learnings and content library into self-paced, OnDemand eLearning modules. The 12 eLearning modules can be used in two ways:

  •  As a stand-alone Rx curriculum
  • As a refresh and supplement to the Live Classroom or Live Virtual Classroom experience

The On Demand eLearning Modules range in length from 20-40 minutes each. The modules are highly professional and interactive.  They include video, audio, downloadable course materials, tools, templates, student exercises, questions to test knowledge, and a final exam that leads to an Rx for Professionals Certification.

The Gray Matters Rx Aftercare program is offered as an option to the OnDemand eLearning offering.


Relationship Xpansion™ (Rx) Aftercare Program

The Rx for Professionals program also includes a comprehensive post learning “aftercare experience” that can range from 1 to 12 months and is customized to each client engagement.  The Rx Aftercare Program supports the retention and application of the Rx learnings.

The program incorporates multiple post workshop “touch points” to refresh concepts and keep learnings top of mind for students. It also provides robust management reporting to track student activities, capture impact metrics, and drive accountability.

The Rx Aftercare Program includes:

  • Delivery of brief periodic audio & video “booster shots”
  • Rx OnDemand eLearning Modules
  • Scheduled Rx skill self-assessments
  • 24×7 coaching and subject matter availability
  • 360° peer review
  • Online portal provide access to all Rx courseware, tools, templates, and OnDemand eLearning modules
  • Rx activity tracking against student goal commitments
  • Capture of anecdotal qualitative and quantitative impact examples
  • Live group mentoring sessions
  • Comprehensive final report for Executive Sponsors


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