Real Results – Sustainable Behavior

Gray Matters is all about impact, AND we do it in a scalable, cost effective way.  We want YOU to know that our work is making a difference. That is why we measure results wherever possible.

Using the Rx Aftercare Program described above, Gray Matters has tracked the progress of over 1200 Rx students, with each student self-assessing their skills BEFORE vs. AFTER Rx.  The results are nothing short of outstanding!

Immediate Impact – Within 90 Days of Rx


Across 13 key skill/behavior metrics, students reported average performance increases from a low of 23.5% to a high of over 79%! 


When it comes to qualitative impact metrics, the 90 day results are equally impressive.

  • % Increase of New Relationships at Current Clients                      94%
  • % Increase of New Relationship at Referral Sources                   101%
  • % Increase of New Opportunities at New  Clients                            39%


Long Term Impact – Within 18 Months – 4 Years


Gray Matters recently polled 160 students from a client we have been doing business with for nearly 5 years. We wanted to know how the Rx alumni (all of whom took the training 18 months to 4 years ago) were faring. The results speak for themselves.


When asked  “How do your relationship expansion and opportunity identification skills compare NOW vs. BEFORE Rx?”, alumni reported…

  • 3% of Alumni                       +1-2% Performance Impact
  • 34% of Alumni                    +3-5% Performance Impact
  • 41% of Alumni                    +6-10% Performance Impact
  • 22% of Alumni                    +10% Performance Impact


Of those same 160 Rx alumni, we asked about deal flow.  Students reported OVER $27M in closed or identified new revenue for their firm since completing the Rx for Professionals training and skill building experience.

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