Aftercare Program

Gray Matters Group recognizes the importance of reinforcing learning and follow through. Therefore, we have developed a proprietary tool to allow our students to get the ABSOLUTE MOST out of Rx for Professionals.

The Rx  “Aftercare” Program offers a comprehensive post learning experience that can range from 1 to 12 months and is customized to each client engagement.  The program incorporates multiple, weekly “touch points” that refresh concepts and keep learnings top of mind. It also provides management reporting to track student activities, capture results, and drive accountability.


Two critical pieces of the Rx Aftercare Program include:

Rx Skill Assessments

Students benchmark their relationship building skills at the beginning and end of every training experience. This allows our Client Sponsors to gauge impact and Gray Matter staff to better understand how we can assist each individual student during and after the program.

Goal Commitments and Activity Tracking

The program provides students with a guided goal setting tool that helps to put the Rx skills into practice. Each student is then required to update their goal activities once a month in order to track their overall progress.


Other elements of the Rx Aftercare program:

  • Audio & video “booster shots”
  • 24×7 coaching
  • Live group mentoring sessions
  • OnDemand self-study modules
  • Peer review
  • Capture of anecdotal impact examples
  • Access to all course ware, tools, templates
  • Comprehensive final report for Executive Sponsors


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