Stop relying on rainmakers.

It's the other 80 percent of your people who can drive the most revenue for your firm.

Our training and coaching helps you leverage your biggest asset — your client-facing service professionals — to expand client relationships and generate leads.

We cracked the code!

Professional services firms typically rely on a small group of “business developers” to drive revenue. Gray Matters Group focuses on the other 80-90 percent of client-facing staff to help generate leads and build deeper client loyalty.

When it comes to connecting with consultants, subject matter experts, and billable professionals, we’ve “cracked the code” — ensuring the skills and behavior are internalized and sustainable for the long term. Our approach focuses on several key variables that influence behavior. We:

  • Keep it simple
  • Make it relevant
  • Break down the fear factor
  • Align incentives
  • Put process around the basics
  • Drive accountability
  • Provide necessary support

Explore our training and coaching services and you’ll soon see why Gray Matters.



Relationship Xpansion™ (Rx) for Professionals, is a comprehensive skill building and follow through experience developed exclusively for professional services organizations and firms with a heavy client/customer service focus.

Rx helps “activate” consultants, subject matter experts, and billable professionals to enhance current client/prospect relationships AND help identify needs and opportunities for revenue generation.

The Rx Experience targets the majority of billable and/or service delivery staff, providing pragmatic skills, tools, and behaviors that can be immediately applied in the field.

The Rx Experience is extremely interactive, minimizes lecturing, and emphasizes facilitation and live exercises. The program engages students and helps breakdown their anxiety around relationship building. In the end, they discover they are not only capable of doing this work, but are doing some of this work already!

The workshop leverages the “Story Centered” learning methodology developed by renowned cognitive learning expert Roger Schank. It integrates a “scenario”, case study or client situation into the learning experience. Students are immersed in the scenario, with elements of the scenario exposed at various points throughout the program. The evolving circumstances trigger the next area of learning, and provide context for how and where to apply the skills.

NOTE: Scenarios are CUSTOMIZED for each client, making the situation as real as possible for students.


Since 2004, Gray Matters has developed a robust inventory of concepts and learnings all tailored to the needs of consultants, subject matter experts, and billable professionals. Our programming is divided into two major curricula, with one building upon the other.


Gray Matters Group recognizes the importance of reinforcing learning and follow through. Therefore, we have developed a proprietary tool to allow our students to get the ABSOLUTE MOST out of Rx for Professionals training.

The Rx Aftercare Program offers a comprehensive post learning experience that can range from one to 12 months and is customized to each client engagement. The program incorporates weekly “touch points” that refresh concepts and keep learnings top of mind. It also provides management reporting to track student activities, capture results, and drive accountability.


Rx Skill Assessments
Students benchmark their relationship building skills at the beginning and end of every training experience. This allows our Client Sponsors to gauge impact and Gray Matter staff to better understand how we can assist each individual student during and after the program.

Goal Commitments and Activity Tracking
The program provides students with a guided goal setting tool that helps to put the Rx skills into practice. Each student is then required to update their goal activities once a month in order to track their overall progress.

Other elements of the Rx Aftercare program:

  • Audio and video “booster shots”
  • 24×7 online coaching
  • Goal commitments, tracking, and reporting
  • Live group mentoring sessions
  • OnDemand self-study modules
  • Peer review
  • Capture of anecdotal impact examples
  • Access to all courses, tools, and templates
  • Comprehensive dashboard for Executive Sponsors
  • Final impact report for each session



Gray Matters offers customized coaching services designed to support behavior change and skills adoption. These services can be delivered in either 1 on 1 or group settings, and are provided by industry veterans focused on the success of your organization.

Each coaching engagement is customized to the needs of the individual and/or group. Online assessments, as well as coachee and manager interviews, help to shed light on areas for improvement, and feed Gray Matters efforts to tailor coaching experiences.


  • Business development skills
  • Account planning
  • Pursuit planning
  • Communications
  • Presentations
  • Leadership


  • Live, face-to-face
  • Live, virtual webinar
  • Telephone
  • Online/email

Hybrid solutions are also available. Contact us today to discuss your options.


We bring our portfolio of proven learnings and teaching methods as a “starter kit,” and then tailor a solution to meet your needs, while taking into consideration:

  • Service/technical specialty
  • Level and experience of targeted participants
  • Revenue generation processes
  • Culture
  • Terminology/vernacular
  • Practice areas
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Past training programs

From those who’ve taken the course…

“The course helped me to realize how important networking is and that being prepared is half the battle. I feel less anxious about meeting with business acquaintances as a result.” — Jessica S, Sr. Manager, Top 10 Public Accounting

“I greatly enjoyed the training … it is insightful in applying strategies that are not time consuming to those of us who are challenged with client delivery.” — Charles T, Sr. Architect, IT Consulting

“I increased my overall thoughtfulness around building and executing on client and potential client relationships … I implemented a business development program for my team which is focused on passing along my learnings to further reinforce our market facing strategy.”— Jen A, Sr. Manager, Big 4 Public Accounting

Flexible Delivery Options

Gray Matters offers flexible training delivery approaches, all with the goal of minimizing the impact on billable hours.

Most importantly, you can select what works best for you and your culture.


Delivered live, in person, and onsite at your location, the live classroom experience is highly interactive and includes:

  • Pre-Work
  • Self-Assessments
  • Facilitated Discussions
  • PowerPoint Visuals
  • Individual Exercises
  • Team Breakouts
  • Role Plays
  • Group Debriefs
  • Comprehensive Course Materials/Tools/Templates

Gray Matters Group recognizes the importance of creating sustainable behavior change and the retention of key Rx learnings; therefore every live training class includes 90 days of FREE Rx Aftercare programming.


The challenges of pulling billable professionals from project work for extended time and/or the expense associated with travel & accommodations to a single training location are very real. The Live Virtual Classroom offering of Rx for Professionals addresses both of these issues!

We have taken what happens in a live classroom and replicated it into a LIVE WEBINAR training experience using Adobe Connect as our virtual classroom learning platform. The live virtual classroom is highly interactive, enabling students to login to the meeting room, download course materials/tools/templates, stream video of teachers and students, and share insights with facilitators and fellow students using VOIP audio.

The Virtual Classroom also includes all of the Live Classroom experiences; pre-work, self-assessments, facilitated discussions, individual exercises, team breakouts, role plays, and group debriefs.

Once again, Gray Matters Group includes 90 days of FREE Rx Aftercare programming to support sustainable behavior change and Rx learnings retention.


Gray Matters Group has converted nearly all of its Rx for Professionals learnings and content library into self-paced, OnDemand eLearning modules. The 12 eLearning modules can be used in two ways:

  • As a stand-alone Rx curriculum
  • As a refresh and supplement to the Live Classroom or Live Virtual Classroom experience

The On Demand eLearning Modules range in length from 20-40 minutes each. The modules are highly professional and interactive. They include video, audio, downloadable course materials, tools, templates, student exercises, questions to test knowledge, and a final exam that leads to an Rx for Professionals Certification.

The Gray Matters Rx Aftercare program is offered as an option to the OnDemand eLearning offering.




The Rx for Professionals program also includes a comprehensive post learning “aftercare experience” that can range from 1 to 12 months and is customized to each client engagement. The Rx Aftercare Program supports the retention and application of the Rx learnings.

The program incorporates multiple post workshop “touch points” to refresh concepts and keep learnings top of mind for students. It also provides robust management reporting to track student activities, capture impact metrics, and drive accountability.

The Rx Aftercare Program includes:

  • Delivery of brief periodic audio & video “booster shots”
  • Rx OnDemand eLearning Modules
  • Scheduled Rx skill self-assessments
  • 24×7 coaching and subject matter availability
  • 360° peer review
  • Online portal provide access to all Rx courseware, tools, templates, and OnDemand eLearning modules
  • Rx activity tracking against student goal commitments
  • Capture of anecdotal qualitative and quantitative impact examples
  • Live group mentoring sessions
  • Comprehensive final report for Executive Sponsors


Learning experiences can be tailored to meet your needs by combining any of the delivery options to create a hybrid experience.

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