Expand Relationships.

Unlock Revenue.

Heads down is not a growth strategy.

Imagine the exponential growth from training your client-facing staff to be better relationship builders + lead generators.

That’s what we deliver: the power of activating your Front Line—the 90% of your company:  billable & non-billable service professionals empowered to unlock value in their client relationships.

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We cracked the code:

Services firms typically rely on a small group of “business developers” to drive revenue. We focus on the other 80-90% of client-facing staff to help generate leads & build deeper client relationships which drive value.

When it comes to connecting with consultants, subject matter experts, & billable professionals, we’ve “cracked the code” — ensuring the skills & behaviors are internalized and sustainable for the long term.

Our approach focuses on several key elements that influence behavior:
Keep it Simple
Align Incentives
Make it Relevant
Drive Accountability
Break down the fear factor
Provide Support
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Our Relationship Xpansion Program unlocks your team’s full potential.

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3-month impact
6-month impact
6x ROI
10x ROI
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Expand value from your entire team’s relationships.

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Pragmatic Skills + Systematic Approach + Support = Results
“GMG did an excellent job of engaging with the team, not only in the session, but in the follow up…the individuals who went through the program are much more engaged.”

Bruce Piller, Regional Managing Partner,
“I had very specific ideas of what I wanted our training to be. I was about to give up, until I met David. The training content was closely aligned with our core culture. It was a really good fit.”

Jeff Smith, Former CEO
“Our consultants are better prepared, not only for new accounts, but to mine for opportunities within current clients.”

Doug Armstrong, Sr. Managing Director & COO

There is a space
between black & white.

It's where consultants
excel & results accelerate—
it’s the ‘gray’ that matters!
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David Ryan,
Gray Matters Group Managing Partner
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David Ryan

Your relationships are an
untapped opportunity.