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Practiced eyes to optimize your operations.

Our consulting solutions help integrate the Rx program, while linking the new behaviors to your firm’s sales processes and systems.

Business Development Operations

Optimize your current business development operations.

All too often, organizations have gaps that need attention.  Our seasoned team of practitioners/consultants can quickly move a firm from weakness to resolution:

Biz-dev model design
Compensation alignment
Role & responsibility clarity
Internal system & process definition
Pursuit & account planning

Linking Rx to Internal Processes

As new skills are introduced, linking these behaviors to the internal biz dev process is critical.

Without linking, newly-learned behaviors can go unsupported, eventually atrophying—we ensure these linkages are properly in place:

Competency models & performance planning
Aligning compensation & reward systems
Executive-level support systems
Internal tracking systems: CRM, contact, management
Recognition & behaviors reinforcement
Ongoing skill development
Accountability & metrics

Internal Rx Training Development

You may already have a significant amount of content & internal training material. The problem becomes integrating these disparate programs into an effective and integrated relationship development curriculum.

We are adept at bringing these pieces together & making them work seamlessly.  We work with your L&D operation to synthesize appropriate content & learnings, ensuring the training experience is highly-impactful and fully-measurable.

Turn your challenges into opportunities

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Integrate relationship expansion into your existing processes. Optimize your operations.